The chance to live without neurodermatitis and psoriasis

29 November 2011

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Successful information event on 24.11.2011 at the DRK Patientenhotel am Ebertpark

The "Neurodermatitis and psoriasis can be beaten" lecture by Dr. Horst Kief received a very positive response. The medical director of the German Centre for Personalised Medicine in Ludwigshafen was speaking in front of 68 affected people at the DRK Patientenhotel am Ebertpark. The physician's key statement: many chronic illnesses such as neurodermatitis, bronchial asthma, allergies, psoriasis and rheumatism are malfunctions of the immune system as a result of excessive demand.

According to Dr. Horst Kief the AHIT autologous immune therapy is a "therapeutic principle" for the treatment of illnesses, which can be traced back to a malfunction of the immune system. "The immune system's control substances from the patient's blood and urine are concentrated, activated and made into pharmaceutical preparations on a totally individual basis, taking into account diagnosis and age. The drug is produced in Ludwigshafen at FBM Pharma GmbH.

AHIT therapy is not an own blood or own urine therapy. It is just certain components of the body's own substances that are isolated in the lab, which then form the basis for producing the drug, which stimulates the body's own healing powers, without any side-effects", explained Dr. Horst Kief.  The finished drug is administered in the form of drops or injections.

The experienced doctor demonstrated his successes using impressive before and after images of his patented AHIT treatment. The doctor from Ludwigshafen has already treated over 17,000 patients with AHIT. "Thanks to my therapy roughly two thirds of patients are free of symptoms. I achieve an alleviation of symptoms with others. What is really important is that I can already treat babies and toddlers, who respond particularly well to therapy", explained Dr. Horst Kief. 

AHIT therapy bridges the gap between naturopathy and immunology, Dr. Kief concludes. The psychological strain of the people affected was evident in the lively round of discussions.

Jürgen Pfeifer, Chair of the Bundesverband Neurodermitiskranker [Federal Association for Neurodermatitis Sufferers] in Germany reported that his son René was the reason for founding this self-help organisation. René had already suffered from neurodermatitis as a six-month old baby and then asthma later on. "After being treated with AHIT therapy by Dr. Kief at the age of five, my son is now completely healthy", reported Pfeifer.

Christian Theysohn, Managing Director of the DRK [German Red Cross] Administration Vorderpfalz, gave an insight into the patient hotel as a new form of patient care: "Our DRK-Patientenhotel am Ebertpark  combines medical safety with round the clock care and individual living comfort. It is the ideal solution for patients after outpatient surgery or a hospital stay as a "healthy halfway house" before going home."

As a result of the great interest shown this series of lectures will be continued in the spring at the DRK Patientenhotel.